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Calendar integration (Google, Apple, etc.)
Calendar integration (Google, Apple, etc.)

Learn how to sync your AnyCreek calendar with your google or apple calendar.

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Click here to integrate your calendar and use the below information should you have any questions.

The calendar integration allows you to sync to your AnyCreek calendar with an existing app like Google, Apple, or any other providers that support subscribing to calendar feeds.

  • This effectively creates a new calendar within your 3rd party application

  • It's a one-way sync from AnyCreek -> Your 3rd party calendar

  • Any changes you make on AnyCreek (e.g. private notes) will be reflected

Check out this video below for a quick start on how to get set up:

Configure how often your calendar is refreshed

It can take up to a few hours for changes to be reflected in your 3rd party application. Google is notoriously slow, and can take anywhere from a few hours up to 12.

With Apple, you can actually configure how often your events get sync'd via the "Auto-refresh" setting. You'll see the following screen when you first connect your calendar. Otherwise, you can always right click on the calendar and go to "Get info".

Is Microsoft Outlook supported?

You can connect your calendar to Microsoft Outlook by manually copying your calendar link and following Outlook's guide to "Subscribe to a calendar" here:

Can I share my calendar with other users?

Connecting your calendar creates a new calendar within your 3rd party app. Users who already have access to your existing calendars will not be able to see it by default. If you'd like to share your calendar with another user, you'll need to copy your calendar link and have them setup their own calendar integration directly.

Alternatively, you can copy individual events from this calendar to one of your existing ones.

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