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Pricing & fees
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Credit Card Fees

We integrate with Stripe to handle and process all payments made on the AnyCreek platform. We pass the associated credit card fees of 3% on the trip total through to the guide.

Service Fees

When a trip is booked, whether from an invite or directly, we add a 5% client-facing service fee in addition to total price. We pass on the credit card fees to the guide or outfitter.


If a trip costs $500.00, the client will pay a grand total of $525.00. This is the most guide friendly pricing structure, since the client pays the additional 5% above and beyond the price you set.


Lead Generation Fees

For any new lead that is sent originating from AnyCreek's marketing efforts, we charge a one-time 15% commission in addition to the Credit Card and Service fees outlined above. Should the new client book with you again, at any point in the future, they will only be subject to the above Service + Credit Card fee structure.

"One-off" payments

For "one-off" payments the same service fee applies. However, we give the guide the option of paying the service fee on behalf of the client. We added this option for maximum flexibility to decide how the fees are handled when making one-off payments.


If a guide creates a payment for $100 and chooses to pay the service fee, the client will pay a grand total of $100.00. This means the guide will receive $95.00 ($100 - 5% service fee).


Client pays

Guide receives

Client books a trip

Total trip price + 5%

Total trip price - 3% Credit Card Fee

AnyCreek sends you a trip

Total trip price + 5%

Total trip price - 15% Lead Gen fee - 3% Credit Card Fee

"One-off" payments

Client pays the service fee

Total amount + 5%

Total amount

"One-off" payments

Guide pays the service fee

Total amount

Total amount - 5% Service Fee


We try to be as transparent as possible, but at the end of the day fees and payments are complicated. Please reach out if you have any questions or need help. We are always open to feedback, and our aim is to give the guide the most flexibility.

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