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'Refer a trip' to another guide
'Refer a trip' to another guide

Can't accept a trip because you're unavailable during a clients preferred dates? Refer it to a nearby guide and get a referral fee!

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Referring a trip to a local guide or friend allows you to keep a small percentage of the trip cost as a referral fee and assures that the client still gets a trip on the books. You keep the business local and everyone wins! Plus, there is no dealing with money movement. The platform takes care of everything automatically and directly deposits the funds into the appropriate accounts.

There are a few specific scenarios we have seen it work great in.

For example:

  • You get a booking request on a day you are unavailable or full. You can accept the trip and refer to a local guide or friend to take it instead.

  • You are an outfitter and you send trips to a guide roster but only keep a small percentage of the take. You can use the referral feature to take a set amount and the remaining balance goes to the referred guide.

Check this short video out to learn more:

Mobile View:

Desktop View:

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