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Booking Request Policy
Booking Request Policy

These guidelines are put in place to establish expectations for both the client and the guide for a better experience all around.

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At AnyCreek we are in business for the guide. However - this does not mean we don't value the client too! None of us would be in business without our clients so its important we honor their side of the booking process as well. With guidelines around accepting and declining trips, we are able to set realistic expectations with both the client and the guide so at the end of the day, everyone is happy.

With the marketplace opening very soon, we are expecting to see a lot of organic traffic coming through the platform which means more leads for you! With that being said, if we tell a client they will receive a response on their booking request within a certain time frame, we need to hold true to that.

The Policy

It's simple - you have 48 hours from the time of booking to accept or decline a trip in your 'pending bookings.' If you do not accept or decline within that timeframe, the AnyCreek team will contact you, contact the client, take over the lead and match them with another guide.

Please note that this does not apply to bookings where a client has been invited via the 'Invite to Book' tool as these are trips that should always be accepted asap.

Declining a Trip

We get that sometimes even fishing guides need a day off the water. If you have to decline a trip for other reasons, here are some alternatives to consider before doing so based on the most common declines below:

I am not available on the requested date:

  • update your calendar availability by adding custom events to your calendar!

  • refer the trip to another nearby guide and keep your deposit as a referral fee (make extra cash on the trips you can't take)

The client wants to change the date:

  • instead of declining the trip and having the client re-book, just modify the dates within the booking request

The client wants to cancel because of changes in travel plans:

  • ask if there is a date they would like to reschedule to and modify the dates within the booking

  • otherwise, this is a valid reason to decline a trip

Feedback or Ideas?

On top of these guidelines, we are also exploring ways to incentivize guides to keep their availability up to date. Have ideas? Please reach out!

Speaking of feedback - as always - we want to hear what YOU have to say. Every idea, comment and/or concern helps our process so we encourage you to reach out and give us your honest feedback.

At the end of the day, your timely acceptance of booking requests is critical for the success of your business and ours! By working together to improve the booking process, both guides and clients can enjoy a simpler and more efficient experience booking a trip via AnyCreek.

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