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Client Booking Experience
Client Booking Experience
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Step 1: Requesting to book

There are two core ways for your client to book a trip with you:


Your client visits one of your listings and uses the Booking Widget. There they see your availability, manually select their dates/options, and click "Reserve". From there they'll be redirected to checkout (See step 2 below)

Receiving an invitation link

If you've already spoken to the client and know the details, you can create an invite link from to share with the client. When they visit this link they'll be put directly into checkout (See step 2 below)

Note: You may also create a custom booking, where you enter all the trip's details manually. However, we don't recommend this regularly as it severely limits both you and your client's experiences.

Step 2: Checkout

During checkout, we collect the client's contact information, payment method, and experience level. Note: Your client isn't charged until you accept the request.

Checkout screen

Step 3: Request confirmation

After the client checks out, they are redirected to a request confirmation screen and receive a confirmation notification in their email.

Client confirmation screen

Client confirmation email

Step 4: The guide (you) reviews the request

You'll receive a text message and email notification with a link to your booking details page. From there you can review the request and choose to either accept or decline.

Client accept email

Client decline email

Step 5: Upcoming trip reminder

We send an upcoming trip reminder to both you and the client roughly 2 days before the trip. This particular notification includes both an email and SMS.

Client upcoming trip email

Client upcoming trip SMS

From here, the client can visit their confirmation page, where they can review the trip's details, what to bring, what's included, etc. This is also where the client can find your contact information if they have any further questions.

Client confirmation screen
(Note: This is the same page as Step 3)

Step 6: Day of the trip


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