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Independent Guide Handbook

Everything you need to start managing your business and creating an exceptional experience for both you and your clients.

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So you're a guide who wants to create a more efficient business, generate more trips, and create an elevated experience for both you and your clients. We're so stoked you're part of the platform and we're excited to get you up and running.

This is meant to be a comprehensive guide of where you can get any question answered in regards to the main features of running your business through AnyCreek. With that being said, we are always here to help you along the way so do not hesitate to reach out as questions arise.

Table of Contents

Account Setup

When you are accepted into the AnyCreek platform, you will receive an email with information on steps to setup your account. Follow those steps carefully and don't skip anything. Before you move on please make sure you have done the following:

  1. Setup your Payout

  2. Create Trip Listings

  3. Add a profile photo

  4. Double check your guide bio

Update Calendar Availability

Imagine you are a client looking to book a fishing trip. When you navigate to the guides calendar and see their entire calendar open, you might be skeptical and think, 'Is this even legit?' This is one of the many reasons why we recommend updating your availability. Additionally, we will often send leads your way when we get a message from a client who is looking to book. It is helpful for us to know when you are available so we can be confident this client will get a trip on the day they are looking for.

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to block off the days you're unavailable!

Mobile View:

Desktop View:

The Three Ways to Book

There are three ways to fill up your AnyCreek calendar. The first one, Invite to Book, will likely be the tool you will be using the most. It automates everything for you including auto-payments, storing client details, populating trip prices based on details, etc.

1. Invite to Book - create a custom invitation that takes client straight to check out.

Use this when:

  • You get a phone call from a potential client and instead of taking down their details and getting back to them, you create a custom invitation and send them the link via text or email

  • to add existing trips to your AnyCreek calendar to automate payments and begin working off of one calendar

Mobile View:

Desktop View:

2. Add a Custom Booking - create a custom booking that does not automatically process payment and does not require payment at all.

Use this when:

  • you have a cash paying client but want to get them in your calendar, store their client details, and send them a confirmation email

  • existing bookings that you want to get on your AnyCreek calendar but don't need to take a deposit for

Mobile View:

Desktop View:

Organic Booking - a booking that comes in from an outside source like social media, or your website.

This will happen when:

  • a client is directed to your website or AnyCreek page to book directly

  • a client finds your site through social media or the search marketplace

Website Integration

If you have not yet watched the video above, it will give you a rundown of what a website integration looks like and why it's beneficial for your business.

Having your personal website integrated with your AnyCreek is essential for giving potential clients and quick and easy way to book with you. We have found that guides who have their website integrated see an average of 20% more requested bookings.

You can fill out the website integration form here.

Best Practices and How-To's

For extra information on tips like creating a strong profile or how to refund a client, explore our help center here.

What's Next

Now that you have the basic rundown of the platform, you might be wondering where to start? Here is what we recommend:

  1. Update Availability: If you haven't already, update your calendar availability by blocking off the days you are not available.

  2. Add existing trips: Try adding a few trips into the system. Using the invite tool or add custom booking, begin adding your existing trips to your AnyCreek calendar so you can start working off one calendar and getting organized.

  3. Reach out to our client success team:Please share any feedback, questions or comments. Your personal contact is Olivia Merlino. You can reach her on her mobile at (949) 525-6613 or

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