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This article outlines what Add Ons are, how to use them, and why they may be valuable

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What are Add-ons?

There are many instances where guides and outfitters need the flexibility to add on additional services, lodging options, rental fees, etc to their trips. With the launch of Add-Ons, we have now made this incredibly easy and intuitive for you and your customers at checkout.

How can I add an Add-On to my Listing?

Add-Ons are managed on a listing-by-listing basis. What this means is, if you have one listing that is a walk and wade fly fishing trip, you may need to have an add-on for waders and boot rentals. However, if you also offer a wing shooting trip, you obviously dont want those boot rental add-ons to show up, but you may want to have a gun rental Add-On option for that listing instead.

Manage your listing add-ons by following the instructions below:

Dashboard > Listings > Scroll Down to "Add Ons" > Manage add-ons

You will be prompted to edit your add- on. Here you will be able to name your add-on, select the pricing, and descriptions.

Once you have added your add ons you will now be able to select them within each of your listings via the dropdown.

How can a customer select an add-on when requesting a trip?

When a customer selects a listing that has add-ons associated with it, the customer will be prompted to add any additional add-ons once they have selected their dates, group size, or trip options. You can see what the customer sees in the image below.

The customer will also be able to see a breakdown of their add-on costs by hovering over the add-ons under the pricing details on the right:

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