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Processing the remaining balance of a trip
Processing the remaining balance of a trip

Everything you need to know regarding your listing's auto-process time and how to customize it

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When is the customer's remaining balance processed?

The remaining balance auto-process timeline is customizable on a listing-by-listing basis. The standard default is to auto-process a customer's remaining balance on the day of the trip.

Note: If the balance is auto-processed on the date of the trip, the money will take 2 business days to hit the guide or outfitter's bank account.

How do I adjust the default auto-process time?

You can see and adjust this by navigating to the edit page of your listings.

Dashboard > Menu > Listings > Actions > Edit Listings > Scroll down to Cancellation Policy

Can I accept cash at the dock and never auto-process the remaining balance?

It is also possible to never auto-process your customers' remaining balance. In this case you would want to select "Never - I am responsible for collecting the final payment"

Note: There are instances where the customer is still able to manually pay their remaining balance via credit card even when this is selected.

Can I cancel the auto-process on a case-by-case basis if the client prefers to pay the remainder in cash?

Yes - to do this, you can either delete the payment or mark the payment "paid offline" prior to your auto-process date.

Navigate to the customer's booking page and scroll down to the payments section.

Actions > Payment Options > Mark Payment Offline

Can I process the remaining balance for a client manually?

Yes! You can do this on behalf of your client anytime by visiting the booking details page, clicking the “Actions” menu next to the payment, and selecting “Payment options”. You’ll get a screen like below with the various options to handle the payment:

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