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Listing Setup Best Practices

How should you set up your trip listings correctly and what are some best practices to make sure your listings are optimized

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Your listings are the core representation and storefront of all the trips you offer. It's important to provide accurate information in your listings to reduce potential questions, improve your conversion, and deliver an exceptional client experience. Throughout this guide, you will notice that AnyCreek offers an extensive amount of flexibility when marketing and creating each of your listings!

❓ How do I create a listing?

Dashboard > Menu > Listings > New Listing

  • In order for someone to book a trip with you, you have to have set up at least one listing on your profile page. This is typically one of the first things you will do when onboarding to AnyCreek.

Each listing should represent a unique type of experience that has a different description (Ex: Boat type, pursuit). Within each listing, you're able to configure options for partial / full day trips, and more.

Best Practice: The more information you can provide in the description around what you offer with this listing the better! Additionally, if you have one or more consistent meeting locations, please add them.

Best Practice: Be sure to select at least 5 high-quality images to most accurately represent the experience you are providing.

πŸ’° Listing Options and Pricing

Some listings require different options within a selected trip. For example, a specific fishing trip may have different trip length options (1/2 days, 3/4 day, and full day) or some of these options may have different pricing or start times. See below for how to set these up:

Each listing option needs a name, price, and duration. Start time is optional, and highly recommended. If you are tide dependant, we still recommend adding a time that is most used as to give some direction to the customer.

Best Practice: If you offer 1/2 day trips, make sure to indicate which 1/2 day option is the AM option and which is the PM option. This is particularly important so that we can best represent your availability when allowing multiple bookings per day.
​Note: If someone books an AM trip for a specific day, we will automatically grey out the trip options that have unserviceable durations for that day (Full Day) and leave open the other half-day PM option.

πŸ‘ What a listing with trip options should look like:

πŸ‘€ Customer View:

πŸ“” Additional Listing Details:

We have made it very easy for you to either select these details from the dropdown or you can easily add something if you do not see it by simply typing it in.

🚫 Cancellation Policy:

Every listing has its own independent cancellation policy. You can navigate here by going to: Dashboard > Listings > Actions (next to the listing you want to adjust) > Edit Listings

Best Practice: Make sure your listing's cancellation policy matches what you have represented on your website and how you expect to run your business. If you do not have a standard cancellation policy or are somewhat lenient, you can now adopt AnyCreek's!
​Note: everyone who books a trip on AnyCreek agrees to the terms of the cancellation policy at check out. No more last-minute cancellations due to wind with zero recourse from the guide

AnyCreek's standard cancellation policy is free cancellation 7 days before the trip, however if you would like to adjust this, you can toggle the "use a custom cancellation policy" button seen below.

Below is an example of a customized policy. As you type your custom policy, you will be able to see how it is displayed to the customer at checkout.

πŸ‘οΈ Listing Visibility:

Any listing can be marked as active, hidden, or sold out.

Lets say you have a listing that you only want to share with your best clients, you can mark it as hidden and only share your listing via invite to book. Additionally, if you are entirely booked for a season, or that trip is out of season, you can mark the listing as sold out!


Pro Tip: If you want to create multiple listings that are similar in nature, you don't have to start from scratch each time! You can select the "Clone Listing" button, and a new, editable duplicate listing will be created for you.
First, select the "Actions" drop down next to your listing, and then hit "Clone Listing".

πŸ‘₯ Multi-boat or Multi-guide availability:

If you have multiple boats, or manage a roster of guides, you'll want to set up your listings and availability accordingly in order to best manage your availability.
Your availability settings are accessed through your AnyCreek dashboard, by selecting the drop down menu next to your profile picture, and then selecting "Edit Profile". From here, scroll to the bottom until you see "Availability Configuration", select your preference, and then hit the teal "Save" button.

If you have multiple guides working for you, the best practice is to set your "Availability Configuration" to "Concurrent Bookings". This will not block off dates & slots where you already have an existing booking, allowing you to run multiple trips per day & time slot. By setting up your availability- you'll be able to receive multiple requests, and capture customer information even if you ultimately can't service the trip. This is the setting most outfitters use, as they typically can service most trip requests with their roster.

If you would like to set up unique listings for your boats and guides, each with their own respective availability, you can do so by setting your availability configuration to "Listing independent". This will allow each listing to have it's own availability, and grey out time slots to customers if there is a conflicting trip.

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