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Outfitter Handbook - Referrals

A comprehensive guide on how to get your business up and running on AnyCreek and start referring trips to your guide roster.

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Welcome to AnyCreek!

This handbook is designed to guide you through the process of getting setup on AnyCreek from start to finish to the continuous process of booking trips. Everything you need to know is within this article but remember you can always reach someone from the team as questions arise.

Getting Started

So you are an outfitter or guide who wants to create a more efficient business, generate more trips, and create an elevated experience for both you and your clients.

An essential feature specifically for you will be the ability to refer a trip out to a guide on your roster. With this you are able to keep the deposit payment as your referral fee and the guide receiving the referral gets the remaining balance. You make money, they get more trips. Everyone is happy. So.. let's get started!

Table of Contents

Quickly reference sections below.

Setting Up Your Account

When you are accepted into the AnyCreek platform, you will receive an email with information on steps to setup your account. Follow those steps carefully and don't skip anything. Before you move on please make sure you have done the following:

  1. Setup your Payout

  2. Create Trip Listings

  3. Add a profile photo

  4. Double check your guide bio

Inviting Guides to your Guide Roster

To get started, you will need the email and phone number for the guides you intend to refer trips to.

Navigate into your AnyCreek profile and click your profile photo in the top right hand corner. Click on 'Guide Roster' and from this page use the 'Invite a Guide' button to start building out your roster. When you invite a guide, they will immediately get an email to setup their account through AnyCreek.

Watch the video below for a more in depth look at this process.

There are two features on our platform that you can use when you have a guide roster.

  1. Refer a Trip - this feature allows outfitters or independent guides refer a trip they cannot take, out to another guide for a referral fee. It requires their guide roster to setup their payout and automatically splits the referral fee off and deposits the remaining balance into the referred guides account. You WILL be using this feature.

  2. Assign a Guide - this allows you to assign a guide from your roster to a specific trip to keep your calendar organized and also shows up on the assigned guides calendar with client details. They will receive a notification that they have been assigned a trip. With this feature you are responsible for paying your guide outside of the platform. You WILL NOT be using this feature.

Please note: You ARE referring trips out so it is incredibly important for your guides to setup their payout. That way you don't have to deal with any money movement - it is deposited into their account directly.

The Three Ways to Book Trips

There are three ways to fill up your AnyCreek calendar. The first one, Invite to Book, will likely be the tool you will be using the most. It automates everything for you including auto-payments, storing client details, populating trip prices based on details, etc.

1. Invite to Book - create a custom invitation that takes client straight to check out.

Use this when:

  • You get a phone call from a potential client and instead of taking down their details and getting back to them, you create a custom invitation and send them the link via text or email

  • to add existing trips to your AnyCreek calendar to automate payments and begin working off of one calendar

Mobile View:

Desktop View:

2. Add a Custom Booking - create a custom booking that does not automatically process payment and does not require payment at all.

Use this when:

  • you have a cash paying client but want to get them in your calendar, store their client details, and send them a confirmation email

  • existing bookings that you want to get on your AnyCreek calendar but don't need to take a deposit for

Mobile View:

Desktop View:

3. Organic Booking - a booking that comes in from an outside source like social media, or your website.

This will happen when:

  • a client is directed to your website or AnyCreek page to book directly

  • a client finds your site through social media or the search marketplace

How to Refer a Trip

Let's get to the good stuff! Referring a trip is essentially giving the lead to another guide for the price of a referral fee. Your referral fee is ALWAYS equal to the amount that your deposit is set at in your listing settings.

You will refer a trip at the same time that you accept it. In other words, when you navigate to your pending bookings you will refer the booking by toggling on a 'refer this trip' and choosing the correct guide. Shortly after you will accept the trip and those details will be sent to the referred guide immediately.

Please note that 'refer a trip' and 'assign a guide' are NOT the same thing. With refer a trip you are including the feature of fee splitting to make sure your referred guide gets paid. Assigning a guide is for outfitters who have a set team of guides and pay them in a different cadence. It simply allows them to note who is taking the trip but does not involve any fee splitting or money movement between guide and outfitter. You will not be using 'assign a guide' feature at any time.

Watch the video below to get a step by step tutorial on how to successful refer a trip.

Mobile View:

Desktop View:

Educating your Guides on the Referral Process

It is important to give your invited guides a heads up so they know what to expect.

Your guides will receive the Invited Guide Handbook to get started. Like this handbook - it will lay out everything they need to know from start to finish.

When they setup their payout, the fees are automatically split so there is no money-moving work or calculating on your end! If they do not setup their payout, all money will deposit into your account and you will have to manually pay them.

You can see who has setup their payout in your Guide Roster. Look for the bank symbol near their name.

Calendar Integration

Learn how to integrate your Google or iCalendar. The integration works one way with your AnyCreek calendar as your source of truth to keep things simple. Any trip that is inputted, booked through your profile, or invited will show up on your integrated calendar with the appropriate details upon accepting!

Note that your invited guides can also integrate their calendars through their profile so they too can have their trips show up on their google or iCalendars.

Making Changes to Existing Trips

You can modify trip details while the trip is pending AND after the trip has been accepted. Simply navigate into the specific booking and click "modify" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. See the video below to learn more.

Mobile View:

Desktop View:

Keep in Mind

*As an outfitter who is referring trips out to guides - please communicate to your guides the importance of setting up their payout. This saves everyone time and confusion over payments being made.

*The Assign feature is strictly for marking who is taking a trip in the calendar. This does not automatically split fees for you. You will NOT be using assign a guide - ALWAYS referring.

Other Tools and Resources

Please visit our help center for more videos and articles and other tools and resources built specifically with guides in mind!

Extra Help

Please reach out to the AnyCreek support team via chat with any questions or comments

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