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Payment Capabilities

Learn more about the flexibility and various actions you are able to take within the payment section of your bookings

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Explore the "Actions" tab on your payments

Within each booking you will see a 'Payments' section near the bottom. From here you can control where payments go, the amount of payments, how your payments are organized, etc with the 'Actions' tab.

In the actions menu, you are able to:

  1. Make a manual payment

    1. You can now complete a payment on a client's profile by using the card on file that they booked with. Just click "Manual Payment" and you will see their card already populated.

  2. Copy a payment link

    1. This allows you to copy a link and send it directly to your client via text or email. The link will take them straight to checkout where they will be able to enter their card details and pay the invoice. This tool also applies to the "Create a Payment" feature as well.

  3. Share a payment link

    1. Share the link quickly via text, email, etc.

  4. Mark a payment paid offline

    1. If your client pays cash, it is helpful to note within the booking that the payment was paid offline. This will help with organization and bookkeeping! Just click "Mark Paid Offline" on the correct actions menu that corresponds with the payment paid offline.

  5. Change a payment recipient

    1. For outfitters or guides with a roster - Change which guide is receiving specific payments.

  6. Delete a payment

    1. For those of you that add custom bookings for repeat clients that you never take digital payment for- you can delete the payments that auto-populate for your convenience.

  7. Refund

    1. If a payment has already been paid, you also have the power to refund the payment. Learn more about that here.

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